How long is processing and shipping?

Processing is 1-3 business days shipping 3-5 business days


Can this hair be colored?

Yes! This is 100% virgin hair. We recommend for you to let a professional color your hair. But keep in mind once you color/ bleach hair it isn’t virgin hair anymore. Colored treated/bleached hair deserves a little TLC so make sure to shampoo and condition it with moisturizing products.


How many bundles do I need?

We recommend 2+ bundles for 14- 16 inches 3+ bundles for 18-22 inches and 24-30inches 4+ bundles. Remember the longer the hair the shorter the weft being that the hair is weight in 3.5 ounces


How long does the hair last?

Up to 1-2 years with proper care


Are your hair care products good for all hair types?



How often to use the hair growth oil for best results?

2-3 times weekly


I have allergies do you think I can use your products?

We recommend you to view our ingredients listed under our products to check for anything you’re allergic to and to do a skin test prior to using. We are NOT reliable for any allergic reactions due to using our products.


Does your hair care products help hair growth?

Yes, but allot of things okay into “hair growth” you have to develop a hair care regimen and stick to it


Can I purchase your products in stores?

At this moment no but we hope to change that very soon!


How long will it take for me to receive a custom wig?

5-10 business days


I’m looking to rebrand my business is brand with Tee right for me?



I need help with social media content?

Our agenda book can help with planning that out but if you want 1on1 help book a consultation with Tee and she can help you out with that


Is your planner and brand consultant business only for people in the hair care business? No it’s not we service people with all kinds of businesses from skin care, moving companies, salesman,etc.